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Getting Repeat Business: Text Message Marketing

In my opinion, getting repeat business and customers with text message marketing is going to be the next best thing to hit local business marketing strategies. It's amazing that more businesses are not actually using text messages to market their services, products, business hours, etc…

What is text message marketing? We all know that the internet is a powerful tool, but for some reason it still took about 5 years before the business world realized that need for a website to be successful. Even now, there are a number of businesses that still do not have one. What's even more powerful than the internet are cellular phones. Did you know that there are over 5 billion cell phone users in the world? Did you know that 2.5 Billion text messages are sent everyday in the United States alone! What's even more impressive…97% of all text messages sent are read…

Text message marketing is marketing that takes adavantage of these statistics. Basically, you get your customers to sign up to your text list and when you are ready, you can send out a mass message to everyone who has signed up. This is great for a local business that is having a hard time making the profits, especially during down times. Let's say that you are running a restaurant and you are having a slow thursday night…send out a mass text message to your customers telling them:

“bring this txt msg and get 20% off your meal until 10 – today only (336)”


“buy 1 meal, 2nd meal 1/2 price until 10 w/ this txt msg! (code:220)”

Messages like the one above can get customers back in to the restaurant during your down time. The customers get good food for 20% and you are making money during a time when you wouldn't be making any. It's a win-win for everybody. Use the code “(336)” so that you and your employees know that it's not a message from last week…just pick some random number or word, you can even make it fun and relative to the offer.

There are not alot of businesses that are using text message marketing as of yet. It's actually one of the coolest and most effective ways to get information to your customers in an instant, that you absolutely know they will read. How many text messages have you received that you have not read???

Is your business doing Text Message Marketing ? Get the details on how it all works and determine if your business could benefit from text message marketing.