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Is Eotm A Scam? My Personal Experience

Is Eotm A Scam? My Personal Experience

Is EOTM a scam? Well, I will tell you this, when it comes to you being a entrepreneur on the move, you truly have to be careful who you are dealing with, especially when there is no money involved with your name on it. In a second, I will explain to you why businesses become scams and how you can avoid being part of it right away.

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Ok, first of all, you have to understand that it is business, not personal and sometimes we may put too much trust within a company that totally doesn’t care about us, period. And trust me when I say that you do not want to associate yourself with selfish rats that will use everything you have to offer and dump you like you are trash.

And it is even worst when that company gained its exposure, build its brand and audiance because of you. You see, this is exactly what happened to me when I was supposedly the Marketing Director for EOTM via Entrepreneurs on the Move Radio & Media.

You see, in 2009 I was learning all about internet marketing and how to drive traffic to any website just by article marketing while making money from it. I was with EOTM Radio & Media since 2005, but I decided to host and produce my own internet radio show, “Mixture of Arts” under the EOTM network in 2010.

Understand, the shows that were under the network before I started marketing were wack and not getting any high archieve listens. When I started marketing my shows, I tell you no lie, my show archieve listens were in the hundredths and thousanths.

Be aware that I never got paid for anything I did for EOTM. But the name sure was getting a lot of buzz and people started listening to other shows within the EOTM network because of my internet marketing strategies.

It was already terrible that the owner of EOTM moved to California and basucally said forget the rest. Because, when I last checked, everything was dealing with Hollywood stuff. I guess Hollywood can really change people or some people are just natural manipulators and rats.

Funny thing is that there were so many agreement forms passed out. Most of them were agreements about “how not to steal EOTM secrets” and I supposely owned 25% of the company, but never got a dime or penny. Now, ask yourself this question, “does that sound like a real trustworthy company?” I do not think so.

I mean, there were court stuff coming to my house in regards to fishy stuff within EOTM. It is no coincidence a few people that were part of EOTM resigned. They warned me, but I didn’t believe them.Why? Because I had so much trust and respect for the owner.

That was the biggest mistake I made, but then again, I’m glad I made that mistake, because it was a great experience and I’ve learned everything I needed to know about business scams, such as EOTM Radio.

I recommend anyone who come across a business that seem fishy, run away as fast as you can, because it’s basically time wasted. Truth is, if it smell fishy, then it is fishy and you don’t want to be part of a drama, unprofessional, and dishonest company. If you’re not getting anything out of the deal, you should most definitely run.

I am not writing this article just to be writing it. I want to help other entrepreneurs to be on the look out for business scams. All I know is, I was with EOTM since 2005 and I’ve never gotten paid. Despite my dedication, persistance, and strong work ethics; the ability to soar higher from B.S like this is a must.

So, what makes a business a scam?

A business becomes a scam when:

1. No money being paid out, but to the owner

2. The company’s owner doesn’t communicate with other heads of the company, but others in lower position

3. You’re a Marketing Director as a Independent Contractor based on Commission (yea, how does that work)

4. The owner of the company cuts you off and get offended when voicing your opinions about the company

See, these are just a few ways to tell wether or not a company is a scam. I pray that no one goes through what I have gone through with EOTM Radio & Media.

So, is EOTM a scam? From my personal experience, yes EOTM is a scam. If you are not a intern working for a business that is a scam, I suggest you get out of that type of environment before it’s too late.

Thanks to EOTM scams, I’m now doing big and better things. And you should to. Never trust a company that gives you doubts often. Never trust a company that is not paying you. Never trust a company that other people call theives. #I’mjustsaying, just be careful.

Hope this article clears up your mind about business scams and what you should look for. If a business doesn’t care about you, you’ll feel it and know it. Learning about internet marketing can give you a deeper perspective on companies that are dishonest .