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Is The Petite Lap Giraffe Real? Where Can I Get One?

Is the petite lap giraffe real? Where can I get a petite lap giraffe? These are buzzing questions lately. If you have been anywhere around the television then you are probably aware of the new viral ads from DirectTV that show the miniature giraffes that everyone is talking about. You may have even took the next step as to research as to whether or not these animal really do exist? Hence the reason you are reading this article.

Well, first I would just like to begin by saying that whether or not these miniature giraffes are real or not, the ad is doing just what it supposed to do which is to draw attention to the product.

You need to learn how to engage your audience before you can even begin to deliver your sales pitch. Did you know that many people will switch the channel before ever even knowing what product is being advertised? This is also true to websites. A majority of web surfers will leave a page right after reading the title.

You only have a few second to grab and hold the attention of your audience.

Effective Advertising Tips to Know

Draw Attention to Product When promoting a product, one of the most important factors to remember is to draw attention to whatever it is that you are trying to deliver to the audience.

You need to make sure you connect the product to the promotion. If you miss on this concept you will have wasted your time.

Make It Memorable It is all good to like a commercial or ad the fist time you see it, but if you dont remember it days later when you are looking to purchase the product or service then the promotion fell short.

In the case of the petite lap giraffe ads, it delivers on both. We are obviously talking about the ad and we know which product it advertises.

Is the petite lap giraffe real? Okay so now about the debate of whether or not the giraffes are real. This is still up for debate as of the time I am writing this article. I am very intrigued by these miniature giraffes either way.

If you know more about these giraffes please share your thoughts. If you are interested in effective methods in promoting your product or website, you may want to visit the Wealthy Affiliate Dropout. With their tools you too may be delivering memorable promotions like the ones with these intriguing miniature giraffes.