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No Shovel Ready Non-Government Jobs

No Shovel Ready Non-Government Jobs

According to USA Today today, President Obama joked that the “shovel ready jobs” he promised when he campaigned in 2008 were “not so shovel ready.” According to the Carolina Journal Online, government jobs are untouched by “The Great Recession.” If you put these together in the context of our current economic morass, you may come to the conclusion that if you want secure employment, you should seek government work.

I can’t argue against that. I lost my job over a year ago and prospects are slim that another commensurate job will be offered to me. Fortunately, I have found ways to replace the income a job could afford me. I will come back to this later.

Let’s work for the government, then

Working for the government may be a viable way to avoid the worries associated with plant closures, company downsizing, and business competition that may defeat your company. However, when one works for the government, for the taxpayer, the new government employee is not an asset to the economy. He or she is one whose wages are paid by the taxes collected from private sector people, so when the statistics indicate that pay of government jobs is on average much higher than that of commensurate private sector jobs, this means it requires even more taxation and collection to support these government employees than it would cost if per capita they were paid similarly to private sector workers.

Let me put it another way – if 10% of each taxpayer’s wages was collected to pay government employees’ wages, then you could think 10 taxpaying secretaries would support one government-employed secretary. Instead, since the government employee is paid more, then it may take 11 – 15 private secretaries to pay for one government secretary. Since the number of government employees is growing, the burden on the taxpayer is growing geometrically. This seriously needs to stop. What do you think?

If there is one thing I dislike about a job, it is the fact that in a job, I get an evaluation occasionally and maybe get a raise when my expenses with a growing family of teenagers rise monthly. I know it is all about budgeting, but as the burden on taxpayers grows and the economy fails, I feel less and less secure within that flawed system.

What is my alternative?

Reach out and help everyone else. Where you find a problem, do something to solve it. Here I am, talking to you, offering a way you can increase your income so you and I might get through this “Great Recession” together. My method involves writing articles – writing short essays of between 400 and 800 words that help someone resolve a problem or figure something out. When you provide that solution, you can then offer to the reader a business relationship or e-book that will give your reader more in the way of solutions to his or her problems. This becomes marketing. The two together make up “Article Marketing,” a low cost subset of Affiliate Marketing. Articles you write and post on the Internet will stay there for a long time and can continue to help people for weeks, months, or even years if they are very relevant and helpful. That means your work, if you are prolific with it, can develop into scores of separate small income streams that together become a rush of money coming in. Article marketing is a lot of work, but it is a cheap way to start making a second income.

But I need more money now!

An experiment was done, I have heard, where a sizable pottery class was divided into two groups. One group was told that they would be graded on the finest piece of pottery they could produce. They could produce as many as they liked, but their grade would depend on the best one. The other half of the class was told their grade depended on the quantity by weight of pottery produced, so they were tasked with putting out a LOT of pottery. Guess what? The half of the class that produced pottery by weight for their grade actually turned out the pretties examples of find pottery. Why? Because they did it a lot.

If you want to get paid for each article you write and get paid once for that article, story, or other type of requested writing, I suggest you go to a website that provides that and make a few bucks. You will get some practice that way and then when you write articles for your own marketing endeavors, you will be better at it. I do recommend you learn all about affiliate marketing and do both at the same time so you have an instant and a growing income stream at the same time. The sooner you no longer need the job, the sooner your income no longer waits for someone else’s evaluation of you and the assessed value of your job to the company.