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Undergraduate Advice: Preparing For A Job Interview

In the current economic client, university students who have graduated after 3, 4 or even more years are being squeezed in the job market with many finding that they cant get a job in their specialist field. With the job market being more competitive than ever, it makes sense to adopt strategies which will help differentiate you from the other candidates when youre applying for jobs and preparing for interviews.

Preparation is one of the key elements for success at a job interview, but I believe that preparations to get the jobs that you want should be part of a long term strategy, rather than last minute, which is why this advice is aimed at undergraduates rather than graduates.

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4 Tips to nail an Interview: Excellent Tips for First-Time Interviewers

    Before I hired team leads for each division, followed by a Head of Recruiting for our company, I was directly involved in the interview process in every department. I was interviewing everyone, from summer interns to full stack developers. My schedule was often packed, so I would sometimes ask candidates curveball questions to see how they would respond.

    Hundreds of interviews over the past year revealed a few clues I would later use to build out a hiring template for my recruiters.

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