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Of Airport Lounges, Hotel Rooms And Conference Rooms

Airport lounges, hotel rooms, conference rooms. For the frequent business traveler, these three confines sound all too familiar. And all to boringly real. Between unfinished reports and slide presentations, venues to prep and people to meet and greet, there is very little time to stop and smell the roses.

The roses. Yeah, the roses. Uh, those were roses? Too often, where you conduct your business becomes insignificant. The grandeur of Rome, the glory that is Greece, the mysticism of the Far East are all summed up in what you see in between car trips from airport lounges, to hotel rooms and conference rooms.

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The Zues Hoax – And Legitimate Business

The Zeus hoax is the brainchild of some unscrupulous person. It is a pop-up designed to trick people into phoning a number to right their apparent problem and make them fear they have the Zeus virus. Having rung the number they can be directed by the perpetrator to purchase malware solutions.

I have a small internet business but like the majority of internet businesses we offer our customers legitimate and generous solutions to their needs; not trickery. Why do a few in this world spoil things for so many honest people? there are many legitimate ways to do business with fair and honest marketing as the majority on online marketers do, there is no need for unscrupulous trickery!

So the solution for getting rid of the Zeus hoax pop-up, which won’t allow you to close; is to turn off and unplug your computer wait a minute and restart it.

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Online Selling: 2 Essential Tips for Taking Better Photos

    Do you need to hire a professional?

    If you have rudimentary skills with a camera and photo software, the answer is no. Keeping your business costs low keeps profits high.

    Maybe one day you’ll be selling so many selfie sticks or Mickey Mantle gloves you can farm out your photo, but until then let’s learn how to keep things in-house.

    The difference between success and stagnation is the quality of your images.

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