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Leadership: Customer Satisfaction And Wait Times

I have noticed that customer’s reported pain levels correlated with increased wait times. Management of wait times, I believe that this is an important factor in improving patient and customer satisfaction. I intend to illustrate this with a review of my experience.

I have over twenty years of successful history in health care leadership and entrepreneurship. I led an organization to the top 2% in physician satisfaction as measured by Press Ganey, a renowned auditor of customer satisfaction in health care.

My first observations on patient’s perception of satisfaction based on variation versus averages occurred when I owned and operated a physical therapy clinic.

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The Best Way To Find A Job How To Make A Resume

The Best Way To Find A Job  How To Make A Resume

If youre out of work or stuck in a career you hate, chances are youre looking for the best way to find a job. One of the first items on your to-do list should be learning how to make a resume.

You may not realize it, but experts in the job-hunting field say most potential employers only look at a resume for a few seconds before deciding whether to read it closely or throw it in the discard pile.

When a company or firm has an open position, the person in charge of hiring often ends up with a stack of resumes on his or her desk that can be several inches thick.

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