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Leadership: Customer Satisfaction And Wait Times

I have noticed that customer’s reported pain levels correlated with increased wait times. Management of wait times, I believe that this is an important factor in improving patient and customer satisfaction. I intend to illustrate this with a review of my experience.

I have over twenty years of successful history in health care leadership and entrepreneurship. I led an organization to the top 2% in physician satisfaction as measured by Press Ganey, a renowned auditor of customer satisfaction in health care.

My first observations on patient’s perception of satisfaction based on variation versus averages occurred when I owned and operated a physical therapy clinic.

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How Entrepreneurism Has Affected Healthcare

Entrepreneurship has positively and negatively affected the health care field. Equipment advances, technology, and improved pharmacological science are all fields that have been affected by entrepreneurship for better or worse. It was not that long ago, that the only way to get a prescription filled was to go to your local mom and pop pharmacy. Subsequently, stand-alone franchises and offices in grocery stores have flourished, as have mail-order pharmacies. Mail-order pharmacies are one such health care business that has changed the way health care staff functions at their jobs, and the way patients receive services.

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