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Why The Working Class Hates Working From Home

This method of earning income might sound like one of the greatest things you could ever hope for, but it’s not. There are so many factors, obstacles and situations that could throw you off and keep you off schedule. Just like any regular job, there is a deadline to meet. Punctuality is also an important factor because you are still expected to deliver at a specific time and there is no excuse. Just like any other job, you are expected to act and be professional by meeting deadlines and communicating with the employer if you want to keep your job.

There are many reasons as to why people do not like this method of earning income!


You might not think this is true, but I speak from experience.

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Should Information Technologies and Internet Availability Make Work From Home the Norm?

Should Information Technologies and Internet Availability Make Work From Home the Norm?

Do you think with the skill set you have and the digital tools that are available to you, you can rather work from home other than going to office, working 9-5? How about there being a balance between the two? Can working from home gradually become the norm?

In my opinion if you are an IT person, there should be some flexibility in working 9-5 regularly at the office.

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The Zues Hoax – And Legitimate Business

The Zeus hoax is the brainchild of some unscrupulous person. It is a pop-up designed to trick people into phoning a number to right their apparent problem and make them fear they have the Zeus virus. Having rung the number they can be directed by the perpetrator to purchase malware solutions.

I have a small internet business but like the majority of internet businesses we offer our customers legitimate and generous solutions to their needs; not trickery. Why do a few in this world spoil things for so many honest people? there are many legitimate ways to do business with fair and honest marketing as the majority on online marketers do, there is no need for unscrupulous trickery!

So the solution for getting rid of the Zeus hoax pop-up, which won’t allow you to close; is to turn off and unplug your computer wait a minute and restart it.

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Working at Home – The Benefits

I have been working at home for some time now beginning part-time whilst I had a noisy office job, but now I can work anywhere with a good internet connection. The accent is on “good connection” because if it isn’t it will drive you crazy. (I am currently staying in a caravan and the line keeps dropping out or not connecting, I cannot think of anything more frustrating unless perhaps it is running out of petrol but that is likely to be your fault, a poor connection isn’t!

So why do I enjoy working at home?

Time Freedom – Yes you still have to commit to regular time slots of productive input but you can work around family commitments, hobbies and your chosen activities.

Location Freedom – Last winter we spent 6 months in the sunny climate of Spain where I worked mostly mornings whilst my partner enjoyed his sporting activities, so that we could enjoy exploring beaches and other delights in the afternoons.

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